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 F Collier and Associates & RL Bean & Associates 


 represent the following manufacturers 

Cal-Royal Products- Serenity Sliding Door Systems

 Syntegra Integrated Doors

 DKS Hollow Metal Doors -Kreiger Specialty Doors 

Tiger Fiber Glass Doors, Reese Mfg. 

DKS is a sister company to Cal-Royal hardware.

DKS doors are used in applications where a hollow metal doors have been specified

Kreiger manufacturing make Bullet Proof Doors, Sound Proof doors and a wide array of custom designed doors to fit your special requirement.

Tiger Fiber Glass Doors

Tiger Door is a FULL FIBER GLASS Door. Tiger doors are used in locations that are wet, corrosive.

Tiger door applications include sewage treatment plants, chemical manufacturing plants.

“We didn’t invent the barn door we just perfected it.”

Sound… Sealed… Delivered… Serenity Sliding Door Systems

Sliding Barn Doors reinvented for exam rooms

ADA approved

STC 35 Sound rating available

Key and privacy locking

Completely sealed for sight and sound

Retrofit of existing openings

FSC Certified For Your Green LEED Requirements

Healthcare | Hospitality | Commercial Office Interiors

Syntegra Integrated  Door

Syntégra offers three product lines of door systems: the XT Series for Exit Device Openings, the LX Series for Lever Operated Openings and the PX Series for Pushpad Operated Openings.

Syntégra door systems do not require bulky escutcheons, roses and edge plates to hide the door preparation and mechanism. Only the elements needed for human interaction are exposed. Everything else is concealed and protected.